outside alone

from by boo boo cubby

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He played outside alone with his branch bayonet and a pocket full of stones
In cardboard clad armor he stood wielding his weapons as walked into the wood.
Perched in a lonely pine, feathers aflutter, flustered, struggling to speak her mind.
A scared little sparrow she sings. Whistles a warning to this warrior out wandering.

Brave boy now bold and brash bade the unfriendly forest fold and simply let him pass
Then brushed up against a thorn. And its quick, poisoned prick that left his t-shirt torn.

And he woke with all manner of creatures all leering and laughing
All crying for blood from this bold, cocksure boy caught trespassing.
And there on a throne, thatched thicket, thorny with thistles,
Sat the King of the forest, scepter stretched soiled and bristled
And the King was a cricket crowned with crocuses, acrid and wilting.
And with one damning stroke of his scepter, was the boy sentenced: Guilty.

They led him gagged and bound, spat in his face as they gathered all around.
Fanning the fire so high that the flames licked his feet, tongues tickled torment as the rise.

Over the creatures cries hear the sweet scared sparrow singing in the evening sky
And so tiny little bird lands lightly on the boys slouched shoulders unheard.

And she quickly unwinds from the boys wrists the twine that has bound him,
But before she takes flight, the scared sparrow is sighted and felled to the ground.
And the animals cackle content with their catch at this carcass strewn, crumpled all covered in ash.
And the boy watched in horror with tears in his eyes as he drew his dagger and let his stones fly
And swinging his saber, he severed the heads of the animal horde leaving all of them dead,
But the cricket king cowered at the small boy’s stick sward as he offered his scepter, his throne,
And his word
With bitter pity, boy lowered his hand as he thrust wretched king with a leaf in a rusty tin can.

As he parts from the trees nursing nicked knees
Clutching his cricket in the warm summer breeze
His tummy, tight, aches as his hunger awakes.
He sheds sheathe and armor, lets character break.

He played outside alone with his branch bayonet and a pocket full of stones.


from i don't need the stones, released December 15, 2018


all rights reserved



boo boo cubby Milwaukee, Wisconsin

boo boo cubby is the compulsion of a classically trained singer and composer named sam rodewald.boo boo cubby is set on exploring this temporary and elusory life through music and art or whatever, before it catches up to him.

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